Carving works with lacquer by Deaf artist exhibited in Chiba Prefecture in May

Shinya Sasaki and his works exhibit

In the museum in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, Shinya Sasaki (68), a Deaf lacquer relief maker held the first one-man show with a motif of nature in Japan in May.

He has worked on the production of the lacquer relief that he paints the lacquer on works of woodwork and the wood carving, etc. for 30 years.

In the exhibit hall, 37 works were exhibited including the large-scaled masterpieces to small articles such as the plate, the flower bowl, etc. Sasaki made up his mind to show his works before reaching the age of 70, saying "I want many people to see my works that I have done for so many years".

When he was a little boy, he used to play with the chips like the toy in the nearby factory of a cabinetmaker. He learned woodwork and the wood carving in the School for the Deaf in the prefecture, and made a living by making the picture frame after he graduated. He lost the job in the aftereffect of the first oil crisis in 1973.

Sasaki met Takehiro Takeda, a hearing lacquer handicrafts artist who became his mentor. Takeda advised him, "It will be a good work if you put the lacquer on your wood carving". Sasaki decided to work on lacquer handicrafts when he was about 40 years old. He studied hard how to paint the lacquer on his work every day while doing the wood carving.

Now he strongly feels that it is important to carry out the Japanese traditional culture that values the wood carving and the lacquer paint.

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