Works of Deaf landscape painter exhibited in museum in Fukuoka Prefecture

One of the works by Eikei Tashiro
displayed in the museum.

A Deaf painter's landscape works are currently exhibited in a museum in Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan, until May 23.

About 80 works on the animal and the plant besides the landscape were vividly drawn, too.

Eikei Tashiro (1910-1996) lost hearing due to the high fever at the age of three. He showed the talent to draw a picture since he was a junior high school student. He also studied the Japanese style painting temporarily in Kyoto. After he had returned home, he established his own style of painting.

About 40 brush works and watercolor paintings of the students of the Prefecture Nogata School for the Deaf where Tashiro used to work have been exhibited in the hall.

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