Sign language interpreting service arranged in prefecture assembly in Japan

The assembly steering committee of the Kochi Prefecture Assembly decided on April 26 that the interpreters be put on the gallery if requested in advance. This interpreting service will be available for the plenary session meeting scheduled for June 9 and further meetings.

The Kochi Prefecture Association of the Deaf had sent a letter to the Chairperson of the Assembly requesting for interpreting in March.

The interpreting service has already been introduced in the plenary assembly in 28 prefectures in the whole country, Kochi Prefecture being the 29th.

Among these prefectures, five (Tokyo, Osaka, Mie, Fukui, and Kumamoto) have always arranged the interpreting service. The rest of the prefectures arrange it when there is application.

In Kumamoto Prefecture, the video is taken on the interpreting and delivered through the Internet to be viewed on the monitor TV in the gallery.