New junior high school students admitted to private school in Tokyo in April

(above) In the entrance ceremony, the new junior high school students are welcomed with the applause.
(bottom) They are handed the textbooks and talk in JSL in the classroom after the ceremony.

The junior high school at the Meisei Gakuen opened on April 9. The Gakuen, located in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, is known as the first and only private school for the Deaf that offers the bi-bi program in Japan.

Seven Deaf junior high school students participated in the ribbon cutting. All the students just completed the elementary school program in March. They had also chosen the gray school uniform. The teacher teaches English in JSL, too.

Principal Michio Saito said, "I want to support the students so that they may image what kind of adult they will be, and what work means in the future".

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