Hearing girls publishing book on sign language in Hiroshima Prefecture

Yamashita (left) and Goto showed their new book.
(photo: Http://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/News/Tn201004030256.html)

Seino Yamashita and Hane Gotou, both sixth graders in Hiroshima City, completed a book titled "Mysterious Eggs" that tells how wonderful it is to talk in sign language.

The book is about the girl, who was presented the flower by a Deaf old woman, studied sign language and signed to her, "Thank you".

Seino invited Hane, one of her childhood friends, to work on the project when they were fourth graders.

Seino had not been able to talk with Hane's Deaf parents in sign, and has wanted to be good at signing when to meet them again". Hane also wanted to be fluent in sign language to talk with her parents more. Their personal experiences and feelings about sign language were put in the story.

The project was accepted by the local social council on the youth development in 2009. Also the Prefecture Association of the Deaf and the print company handed their hands to the girls' dream to be realized in March.

The book, B5 size and 26 pages, is full of cut colored paper and drawings. Hane says, "Putting a lot of paper petals made me work hard". Seino hopes that a lot of people will learn sign language from our book".

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