Group of Japanese hearing university students communicate with Deaf students in sign language in China

The volunteer group of Japanese university students studying at Beijing University visits school for the Deaf and communicate with the students in Chinese sign language in China.

After a large earthquake hit Sìchuān Province on May, 2008, the Chinese sign language club for the Japanese people in Beijing told one of the hearing university students that the buildings of the school for the deaf totally collapsed in the stricken area, too and the Deaf students are mentally hurt.

She and 10 other students studying at Beijing University formed a group to help these stricken Deaf students with sign language.

As the sign languages of Japan and China are quite different, the group learned Chinese sign language from a Chinese teacher every week since February, 2009.

The group visited the special education school in Sichuan Deyang as one of the stricken area support of The Japan Foundation Japanese Culture Center in Beijing, and deepened the friendship through sign language with the Deaf students in May, 2009.

The group also visited a school for the Deaf in Nanjing, Chiangsu Province and sang Chinese songs in sign language in front of about 160 middle students in March, 2010.

One of the group members said, "They were clapping together while we sang a song. I was moved with tears. I think they understood how we have felt for them".

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