Deaf woodcraft maker to hold first exhibition in Saga Prefecture

Shingo Hirakawa at work

Shingo Hirakawa (58), a Deaf professional woodcraft maker will hold the first exhibition at a gallery in Saga City, Saga Prefecture from April 27th through May 2.

He became Deaf when he was 1 year old due to medical mistreatment. He completed the carpentering course at the Saga Prefecture School for the Deaf, worked for a transom sculpture shop, and started his own business 14 years later. After closing the business in 1992, he opened "The Dragon Sculptor Shop" again in August, 2007.

He has produced various wood craft works, such as screen sculptures, sign sculptures and ornaments, with the use of about 150 carving knives.

Total of 40 wood craft works including the shoin-style ornaments, family crest frames, sculptures of an owl carved from one tree, etc. will be exhibited for sale.

Shingo says, "One of the wonderful things about the wood craft is to show what the producer thinks inside. I will be happy if the visitors find various expressions from these works".

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