Deaf girl graduates from hearing haircut beauty school as the top

Reina Matsuda, a Deaf graduate from the haircut beauty school.

The graduation ceremony took place at a hearing haircut beauty school in Ise City, Mie Prefecture on March 15.

Reina Matsuda (21) got over the difficulties in communication while attending for two years until the day of graduation.

At the Mie Prefecture School for the Deaf, she had obtained the qualification as a barber. And then she went to a hearing haircut beauty school to acquire the beautician's qualification. She had wanted to work as a beautician. "I have been attracted to the dramatic change in beauty".

In the beauticians' school, she had to study with hearing classmates, which was unusual for her because she was not possible to communicate in sign language like her old Deaf classmates. She had a hard time in communications with the hearing friends and school personnel.

She first had gotten depressed because the hearing peers did not understand her messages properly. Thinking that anything would not start unless she would move first, she used gestures and writing a pad for the communication as much as she could.

She gripped a point; "Speaking while seeing other person's face is important". She questioned positively, and learned a nailing method, makeup, dressing up, hair cutting, hairstyles, etc. one after another.

After receiving the diploma, Reina looked happy. She will work at a beauty parlor in Tsu City, only waiting for the official announcement of test results of the national examination at the end of March.

Reina says, "I want to be a beautician who can always satisfy the guest's demand with a smile".

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