Princess Kiko visits Deaf school after national conference in Tottori Prefecture

Her Highness Akishinonomiya speaks to kindergartners who performed as a part of attraction before the opening ceremony at the Conference.

Her Highness Akishinonomiya visited the Tottori School for the Deaf, etc. after the National Tuberculosis Prevention Conference in Tottori Prefecture before returning to her royal residence on March 19, 2010.

She visited the parting ceremony at the kindergarten Department in the Tottori School for the Deaf. She watched the leaving Deaf children given flowers and words. When she spoke signing to them, who soon surrounded and touched her, which was an unexpected event.

Princess Kiko also observed the activities by the students from elementary to high school level, singing with them together with sign language, appreciating works of the photograph and the print, etc.

When one of the students explained the black-and-white photo to her, she said, "The expression of the light and shadow is difficult. Please work hard".

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