Performance related to the life of Deaf pioneer scheduled for May in Aichi Prefecture

The Aichi Deaf History Club will hold the performance titled "The Biography of Kinzo Yoshikawa" as its 10th commemoration event in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture on Sunday, May 30.

A Deaf man, Kinzo Yoshikawa, became the first Deaf teacher in 1893, followed by many Deaf teachers. He was one of the first Deaf married couple.

He had a successful training by Shuji Isawa, who introduced the "Visible Speech". Isawa had gone to the U.S. and studied under Alexander G. Bell, the inventor of the "Visible Speech".

Kinzo also contributed to the formation of the alumni association in his alma mater, which is said to be first in Japan. His distinguished services are yet remembered.

Two prominent Deaf actors, Tetsuya Izaki and Hideaki Nasu, will perform the play.

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