JSL research symposium to take place in Tokyo in April

It has been 40 years since the sign language method committee was formed by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf. It was later reorganized to the Japanese Institute of Sign Language Studies (JISLS). Since then the sign language vocabulary books titled "Our sign language" were published.

JISLS under the National Sign Language Training Center will hold the symposium at Showa University located in Tokyo on April 29, 2010, 10:00-16:30. It aims to look back on a current trend of the research to spread the standard sign language at national level and to discuss the future development of the entire sign language research.


10:00 Lecture
Dr. Samuel Supalla
Deaf faculty member of University of Arizona
Theme: "Sign language linguistics and Deaf education"

13:00 Special lecture
Eiichi Takada
Former JFD President
First JISLS Director

13:30 Keynote speech
Dr. Yutaka Osugi
Deaf associate professor of Tsukuba University of Technology
Theme: Report on the result of "the research on development of mapping the Japanese sign language across Japan" that was conducted with the cooperation of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf and its 47 member chapters.

13:50 Panel discussions
Theme: Diversity in sign language: generation and regional differences

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