Group of Deaf students performs at spring theater workshop in Nara Prefecture

Deaf students perform up on a stage
during the theater workshop.

The spring theater workshop was held in a cultural hall on March 22, sponsored by the Nara Prefecture High School League.

The drama clubs including the Nara Prefecture School for the Deaf participated to show their work. Ten Deaf junior high school and high school students gave performance for the first time.

The theme focused on the life and the death at the nursing facility for homeless children. While including comical scenes, the message was clear; "Let's live positively".

The story moved centering on the boy who had been abused by his parents and the girl whose parents died in an accident because of her refusal to go to school.

The drama was featured by sign language, facial expressions and the bodily movement to convey feelings more deeply. The caption was projected by the screen on the stage side so that all spectators might understand.

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