Film on Deaf school girl to be shown first at the Niigata Deaf Film Festival in March

One of the films in sign language and captions selected for the festival is a new film, titled "A footpath between rice fields jumping!". It is a heartfelt story that illustrates adolescent girls' delicate feelings.

Outline of the film:
A Deaf junior high school girl, living in a certain suburban city, joins a hearing dance group, "Jumping Girls". She and Reina, a group leader, become good rivals though both do not exchange a few words. They practice hard for the dance contest scheduled for summer. However, prior to the contest, Reina gets a wound in her foot. Yuki is selected in her place and the teammates start bullying her. Can Yuki compete with the group in the contest? Can the team regain unity?

Director Fumie Nishikawa will greet along with the starring young actors in the stage during the Niigata Deaf Film Festival on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

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