Deaf students performing Japanese drum win gold medal

The 21st National Concert Contest for the Schools for the Deaf was held, and the junior high school students at Kagawa Prefectural School for the Deaf who performed Japanese drum won the gold medal. It was the fourth for eight years.

The Society for Education and Welfare for the Deaf has held the contest every year. There was an application from 20 schools this year. The society examined all the application with videotape on the concert.

There was a ceremony in Kagawa Prefectural School on March 2. Ms. Akiko Santo, chairman of the society and a member of the House of Councilors, gave the diploma and the escutcheon. And then the students performed the repertoire with the powerful drumbeat that overflowed in the gym.

On behalf of the students, Rio Yamada, a 8th grader, said "We are very glad to win the gold medal because of the result of working all sounds and minds into one".

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