Bibi school in Tokyo congrats on first Deaf graduates in March

First seven Deaf graduates at the Meisei School

The Meisei School located in Tokyo held the first elementary graduation ceremony on March 19, 2010. It was founded two years ago as the first school in Japan to offer the Bilingual-bicultural program; the Deaf children are educated in JSL and Deaf culture.

The graduation ceremony was conducted in JSL and captioning. Each student received the diploma from principal Michio Saito.

Seven graduates will enter the junior high school newly established at the same school in April. Akihiro Yonaiyama, executive director who is Deaf, encouraged the leaving students, saying, "keep studying even during the spring recess for the new term".

Miwa Katagiri was energetic saying she would work hard too in the junior high school. Chu Tamada said, "Because of our parents, we could study at the school" and each student presented a letter of the gratitude to their parents respectively who had made efforts to the establishment of the school.

Principal Saito recalled in the deep emotion, "We were at first worried because of the disability that the students have, but they did so well that we believed the direction of our educational was not wrong".

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