Wakayama Prefectural Governor holding informal meeting on welfare policy

The "welfare informal meeting with the governor" was held in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture on January 27.

The meeting is held every year. This year about 25 members of the Prefectural Federation of Persons with Disabilities were invited. Governor Jinzaka listened the demand and the opinion of the welfare policy.

Some Federation members expressed their opinions such as:
- The interpreting skills are varied among the sign language interpreters. The Wakayama government starts training courses in the cities and towns in the prefecture to increase the certified interpreters under the Ministry of Health and Labor.
- The government prepares a soft side such as to recruit volunteers for the national disability sports meet after the National Sports Games.

The governor replied, "We will make efforts to train the interpreters; We will call the citizens for volunteers in the future, as well as train athletes even though no sports items planned".

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