Skull session held on maintenance plan of special support schools in Ibaraki Prefectur

The meeting to discuss the maintenance plan of Ibaraki Prefectural special support schools was held in Tsukuba City in the prefecture on January 31.

The plan had been public at the end of last year. The teachers and the parents having children with disabilities exchanged opinions each other. There were also the opinions of various dissatisfaction and the demands for the plan.

Regarding the Deaf education in the plan, it is assumed that the use of hearing aid is basically encouraged by the Education Law. The Deaf man spoke out through the interpreter, "Sign language is convenient to tell the intention accurately. I am worried about no reference of sign language in the plan".

In the end, the facilitator said, "We hope to collect opinions in the future, and to put out the proposal paper to the prefecture administration sooner or later".

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