Signed traditional comic story telling to be held in Saitama Prefecture

A Deaf performs a traditional comic story telling
in sign language.

The vaudeville theater is scheduled for February 28 in the municipal central public hall hall on the 20th anniversary establishment of "Waraikusa", a society of Comic Story Telling in JSL located in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo.

The half is Deaf among 20 members of "Warakusa". It was formed in March, 1991, with a purpose that the Deaf and hearing members share the mutual understanding while enjoying themselves through various public entertainments including the signed traditional comic story telling.

They have been requested for the appearance from various places nationwide, and, up to now, made about 340 performances. Each member has a unique stage name. For examples, a member who works at a stationery factory is called "Stationery Teakettle", and other member who boasts to be a great eater is called "Large Satiety".

This time, ten Deaf persons will perform not only the signed traditional comic story telling, but also the comic mime, magic, and Japanese-styled drums.

A professional hearing comic storyteller, who used to be the adviser of the society since its inauguration, will be a guest speaker. He is currently a Sapporo municipal assemblyman in Hokkaido.

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