Sign language skit perfomred by hearing civil servants

Shigeki Tomura (right) and Fumiyasu Kimura
discuss their sign language skit
prior to the show.

"We want all the audience to enjoy our skit show no matter Deaf or hearing".

The couple of civil servants, who have done their skit together since 10 years ago, did it the first time in front of general people in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture on February 6.

They are Shigeki Tomura (46), who works for the Sendai Tax Office, and Fumiyasu Kimura (41) who works for the Prefectural Government. Both are a certified sign language interpreter.

Up to now, they have demonstrated their performance in the events intended for the Deaf. However, they have volunteered as an interpreter for ten years or more, and planned the public show, saying "we want people to be more aware of sign language".

Shigeki learned sign language from his Deaf colleague, and gave himself up. For Fumiyasu, the sign language course of NHK (the Japanese Public Broadcaster) was a start.

They have the same desire: sign language expanded their world. It exists around you and they want you to feel it, too.

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