Portable caption system for the Deaf in theater

A portable caption system displays
the actors' dialogs, songs, etc. on the screen.

The caption system in the portable terminal is experimentally operated so that the Deaf enjoy a part of the performance, and is popular among them.

The "iPod touch" of the Apple Computer USA Co., which is lent at the theater, shows caption and effective sounds. Some of the users said they were glad to enjoy the play as they used to give up to watch it.

This system is called the "G-mark Portable", a product of the Earphone Guide Company located in Tokyo. It is well known for the simultaneous explanation at Kabuki (a Japanese traditional play), the lightning caption service for foreign performances such like the opera, etc.

Time and the cost were the problems in the past though there was a theatrical company that provided the real time caption service with the computer for the Deaf.

Though the new system also has a cost problem, they are studying a pay delivery to "iPod touch" or "iPhone" of the user via the system in the future.

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