Parking sections to open only for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, etc. this April in Wakayama City

The special parking section system for the aged, etc. will start simultaneously throughout the country on April 19.

The section is scheduled to be set up in three places in Wakayama City according to the Wakayama Prefecture Police Headquarters Traffic Regulation Section.

This is a system to especially help the aged easily pull up a car near government and municipal offices and the welfare facilities, etc. due to the increase in the number of senior citizens every year.

Eligible persons who receive a special mark for parking can park to the restriction section with the sign described, "Area for Exclusive Use of Parking".

A person in 70 years old or more who has acquired the license for ordinary vehicles, the Deaf and hard of hearing allowed to drive by the Road Traffic Law, a pregnant woman, etc. are eligible to apply at the Police Office Transport and Communications Division in the place of residence.

The person who doesn't have the special parking mark in the special parking section will be fined.

The police officials explained, "This system has been studied for the benefit of senior citizens, etc. to live easily. Because of the higher cost of penalties than usual illegal parking when able-bodied persons park, they will have to be careful not to parking in the section".

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