Parents making a move to stop establishing school for intellectual disabled at Deaf school

Collecting signatures in Kochi City to review
the realignment plan of the special support school.

The special support school reorganization plan of the Kochi Prefecture Education Board states on an idea to establish a branch school of the Hidaka School for the children with intellectual disability at the Kochi School for the Deaf.

The parents of the Deaf children and the Kochi Prefecture Association of the Deaf, etc. have worked on the signature collection in the city to review the plan. About 50 people passed out leaflets in the shopping streets in Kochi City and called for the support.

The set of 30,000 signatures is scheduled to be submitted to the Prefectural Assembly in the beginning of March.

The Board officials said that measures are necessary to be taken because the number of children with intellectual disability has been on the rise: it increased to about twice since ten years ago.

According to the plan, "the specialty of both educations will be secured as well as an increase of children will be dealt". On the other hand, the group of the parents with Deaf children are appealing, "A different educational environment is needed for the children respectively".

Narie Komatsu (42), president of the Prefectural Association of the Parents Having Hard of Hearing Children", has two Deaf daughters who attend the Kochi School for the Deaf.

She says, "The environment is needed to focus on the education of the Deaf children. Even if the school for the children with other disability were established at the School for the Deaf, and the children with different disabilities can mingle one another, anxiousness yet remains whether the school functions in right way as a place for learning".

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