Old film on HoH children shown in Hiroshima Prefecture

The movie material was exhibited
in the lobby of the movie theater.

The movie, titled "The day when people laugh while crying", was shown in a movie theater in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture on February 20.

The movie, directed by Zenzou Matsuyama, a hearing director, was about the education of hard of hearing children in the city*. The film shooting was done in October, 1976, and a lot of citizens acted an extra.

An original film was so deteriorated that the city social welfare council used DVD in which the film had been restored last year.

About 380 people came to see the movie on the first day. The movie with caption will be shown twice or three times until February 26.

*It was Fukuyama City where the first class for hard of hearing children was set up in a hearing school and the aural/oral training was emphasized.

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