National Japanese Chess Game for the Deaf held in Wakayama Prefecture

The 10th National Japanese Chess (Shogi*) Game was held for two days from February 20 at the hotel in Shirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture and 44 men and women participated from 13 prefectures. The Japanese Federation of the Deaf (JFD) sponsored it with the Mainichi Shimbun Wakayama Branch, etc.

The National Game has been held annually to offer the members a place for fellowship exchange. It was divided into two groups, and the preliminaries on the first day and the final tournament the next day.

Eiko Hohoku who came from Tokyo said, "I got interested while I was taking care of the participants in the past games, and started to play Japanese chess. It is difficult though I am in the eighth class now".

Moreover, Mr. Tsuyoshi Higa, a JFD board spoke, "The participants have trained in the gym in their home town to compete here today".


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