Minister encourages Deaf paper artist in Niigata prefecture

Kiyokazu Okada (center) and his work

One of his work exhibited in the gallery

Yoshihito Senkoku, Minister in charge of the National Strategy, visited Niigata Prefecture on February 13 to observe the disability arts activities and the local industry. He encouraged Kiyokazu Okada (41), a Deaf professional artist who works with paper pictures (hari-e), in the Myoko City office.

Kiyokazu, a native of Myoko, is born Deaf, and has worked on the putting picture since the age of 20. His works exhibition has been held outside the prefecture. One of his works is also decorated in the minister's office room.

He said, "Kiyokazu's works have something like a power to comfort the person who sees. I want him to work more".

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