Exercise invented by physical therapists, introduced in DVD with sign language

The members display the exercise DVD.
(photo: mytown.asahi.com)

The Regional Vision Committee that works on regional activities in Awajishima* wrote and composed a campaign song, titled "We Are Crazy for Awajishima!". Based on the song, physical therapists made exercise.

Over 100 pieces of the DVD were produced to promote the physical exercise in the island and distributed to all the elementary schools, etc.

There is an effect of activating the every part of the body by extending hands and feet and twisting one's body around in the tune of about two and a half minutes. It is possible to do with sitting on the chair, too.

The DVD included the explanation of the sign language by an interpreter, Kyoko Hashidume (42)(sitting at right in the photo) who works for the Awaji Association of the Deaf.

*Awajishima is a small island near Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture. It suffered the heavy damages from the mega earth quake in the Kobe area in January, 1995.

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