Deaf student passes national examination for the hazardous materials engineer

Toru Hiramatsu (right) and teacher Takahiro Goto
sit together with the certificate.

Toru Hiramatsu (17), a high school student at the Prefectural School for the Deaf in Oita City in the southern island of Japan, studies the industrial crafts.

He passed the national qualifying examination for the hazardous materials engineer. He was the second student to pass the examination since several years ago.

Toru started preparing last May aiming at the examination as a means of finding employment in the future.

He has served as the student council president since the first term, and joined the badminton club, so he was busy with the after-school activities. He tried to study hard during the class hours and in the dormitory.

Toru's teacher Takahiro Goto (46) explained, "It was difficult for teaching him a technical term and its nuance in sign language. We invented a new sign for some technical word, and drew pictures to understand better".

This qualification is an indispensable national qualification for working with the gas station, chemical works, and painting, etc.

Toru took the examination in the city last November, passed (The ratio of successful applicants of the prefecture was about 27%) the next month and received the certificate this month.

Toru's dream is to get the job related to manufacturing the car. He says, "I want to take a lot of qualifications even before my graduation in 2011".

Teacher Goto says, "He is a diligent student. I am glad his effort bore fruit now. I hope he will work harder in the future".

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