Deaf people watch government meeting on live TV with caption and interpreting nationwide

The Deaf viewers watch the live TV on the meeting
and exchange their opinions.

The "System Reform Promotion for the Person with Disabilities Meeting" was held at the Cabinet Office in Tokyo on February 2. It was covered live on TV with interpreting and caption at about 60 facilities for the Deaf in whole country.

This live TV was carried out by request of disability groups, and about 1800 people viewed. It was the first time to cover such a program related to the government meeting live on TV. The broadcaster was the NPO corporation, "CS Broadcast Unified Scheme for the Deaf, located in Osaka City.

About 20 Deaf persons and staff gathered at the lobby of the Osaka Hall for the Deaf, one of the facilities for the Deaf as a meeting place. When the program started, interpreting was in half of right of the TV screen, and the meeting was on the upper left, and caption flowed at the bottom of the screen.

One of the Deaf viewers said, "Even if the Diet was reported live on TV, I was not interested in watching it. Today it seems very clear to me, and also the atmosphere of the meeting has been conveyed well".

The disability advocates will ask the Cabinet Office to continue the live broadcasting further.

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