"Deaf Life Japan", bimonthly magazine first published

The first issue of the "Deaf Life Japan"
published last month.

The first issue of an 87-page bimonthly magazine, titled "Deaf Life Japan", was published last month. The editing staff are all Deaf.

This issue features an interview with Nobuhiro Odate, a Deaf film director, who won the grand prix at the International Deaf Film & Arts Festival in 2006.

Also over 30 Japanese medalists who competed at the last Deaflympic Games in Taiwan, trivia on a Deaf hike poet, etc. were covered in the magazine.

The feature of the magazine is to lay out the photographs boldly.

Yasuko Sato (37), Editor in chief, says, "We want to not only tell the truth about the current state of the Deaf community, but also make the readers enjoy the magazine".

Two years ago she got acquaintance with Matthew Moore (51), the publisher of the American sister magazine "Deaf Life". They had agreed to launch out into the issue of a Japanese version with him as its publisher.

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adreanaline said...

I want to subscribe! Where can I do that?

Deaf Japan News said...

The magazine is published in Japanese, but there is a link in English for your more information.


An annual fee is 3,500 yen, only available in Japan.