City budget draft includes interpreting service for Deaf visitors

The Odaira City Council in the metropolitan Tokyo area decided to arrange the interpreting service twice a month in the city office in the new fiscal year starting this April so that the Deaf can easily advance procedures, etc.

The city responded to the request from the Deaf community in the city, being the first attempt in Tokyo.

The request for the interpreting service in the city office had reached the city officials, who started to allocate the interpreter in the city hall twice a week for about two months since March, 2009. As a result, 3.8 Deaf persons visited the city hall a day, and the officials concluded that the need should be met.

Nineteen interpreters registered under the city will be allocated, and the project expense is 288,000 yen (US$3,200) a year as the remuneration of the interpreters, etc.

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