Book published to introduce the gap of Japanese words used by the Deaf and hearing persons

The newly published book
on the gap of signed words

It is likely that even the Deaf person and the hearing counterpart use the same Japanese word, they both interpret it in a different way.

The "Kansai Sign Language College" located in Osaka City Chuo Ward, a group that advances the spread of sign language, recently published a book that brought the differing examples together.

The members who edited say,"We hope this book will help you for a smooth communication with the Deaf".

Examples of the gap in the meaning of a Japanese word:

-A hearing person asks a group of the Deaf, "Please come to the meeting ten minutes before one o'clock tomorrow".

The Deaf people have not show up yet even if it was already past one o'clock. It was just a few minutes before 1:10 when they showed up.

-The sign language interpreter agreed to meet a Deaf person at 1:30 and came to the place 30 minutes earlier. The Deaf person told her that "she finally came", and she got angry because she came early enough. The Deaf meant to tell her that "it was nice to come".

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