Video phone system in city office only available for Deaf starts

The counselor (left) responds to an inquiry
from a Deaf consumer through video phone.

The system that responds to inquiries or requests from the Deaf in sign language through the Internet and the use of video phone has started in the Hiroshima City Office in Hiroshima Prefecture, a western part of Japan.

The computer with the video phone and the web camera was set up in the Welfare for Persons with Disabilities Division on the third floor.

The Deaf applicant uses the net service called "Skype" which offers the free call to connect with the computer in the city office.

Or, if either the NTT telecommunications device or a cellular phone called FOMA, all in which the video phone is installed, is used, it connects with the video phone in the city office, too.

The counselor in the office responds in sign language during the office hours, 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, Monday through Friday, giving advice on the support system and various forms of applications.

The fund is provided to help the Deaf purchase the web camera and the video phone.

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