Report meeting on sign language trial to be held in Nagoya City this January

The judge recognized sign language as a true language of the Deaf at the final trial on the traffic accident on November 25, 2009.

The Deaf plaintiff, Kimiko Oya, has lost the control to use the little finger while signing after the traffic accident since a few years ago.

The Aichi Prefecture Association of the Deaf had called for support in the Deaf community since the first trial hearing in 2008.

The association will hold a meeting on the case in Nagoya City on Sunday, January 31, 2010, to which Oya, a Deaf woman, will be invited to talk on her experience with the legal issue. Also reports on the progress of a case and the focus will be made, as well as how this legal decision will affect the future of the Deaf community will be discussed.

- Program
1. Reviews on the trial through the photographs and the Association's newsletters.

2.Talk with Oya as a Deaf plaintiff

3.Talk on law and lawsuit by lawyer Hiroyuki Tahara who led the trial to winning the case as proxy for the plaintiff

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