Policemen learn sign language for emergency together with Deaf

The policeman (left) use sign language
to communicate with deaf persons.
(photo: osaka.yomiuri.co.jp)

The Kotsu Police Station located in Shimane Prefecture, a part of western Japan, held the sign language workshop intended for the officers in the police station on January 9.

About 50 Deaf residents in Kotsu City participated. Both the groups learned how to communicate in sign language in case of emergency such as criminal affairs and accidents.

When Susumu Iwatake (66), the lecturer and leader of the Kotsu sign language circle, "Ribbon", and other members expressed the terms concerning the police activity, such as a policeman, a criminal, and a thief, in sign language, the officers immediately copied the lecturer's hand movements.

One of the officers asked the Deaf persons in sign language about the feature of the car and the situation of damage in assumptions of having encountered hit and run on the car, destroying inside the car, etc.

Moreover, the officers explained the emergency system using the number, 110, along with the use of fax, and e-mail to the Deaf participants.

Takayoshi Ougihata, the head of the Police Station, who joined the workshop, said, "It is necessary to understand other party's feelings when to hear the story. We want to communicate well with all persons with disabilities".

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