Persons with disabilities participate in meeting to reform legal system related to disability

Deaf representatives sit (left) in front of
the interpreters in the meeting room.

The Government held the first meeting of a disability group, called the Persons with Disabilities System Reform and Promotion Council, on January 12, to review the overall laws and policies related to disability, and each representative of disability groups, including the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, and families participated.

At the beginning, Mizuho Fukushima, the Minister responsible for the task remarked, "It is a historical day today. We want to definitely achieve what the persons concerned and their families say, 'No way without us'".

Mr. Eiichi Ogawa, a representative from Japan DPI, was elected a chairperson.

Those who attended made requests for the management of the council, such as "Install the microphone to pick up the voice clearly", "The material used for the meeting must be converted into braille prior to the meeting", etc.

Lack of observation by concerned persons and groups at the meeting was
pointed out, too. The summary of the meeting will be possibly viewed on the Internet, as they say.

The council will meet monthly and develop the interim report about the basic disability policy by summer.

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