No interpreting provided in lay judge election:Deaf association demands for cause investigation

Mutsuko Yamanaka, President of Kochi Prefecture
Association of the Deaf (right) and members of
the interpreting group enter the district court
for submitting the request .

Mutsuko Yamanaka, President of Kochi Prefecture Association of the Deaf and representatives of the local group of the interpreters submitted a letter of demand to the Kochi District Court on January 27.

The Deaf woman who attended the Kochi district court for the election procedure of the lay judge trial was not provided interpreting.

The group requested the district court to answer on seven items such like the cause investigation, etc. related to the problem of its neglecting arrangements of the interpreter.

They also asked for more understanding on the court staff of persons with disabilities, too. The written response is requested.

Mutsuko says, "We want the court staff to learn sign language. There are different types in hearing loss. We want they advance understanding of the disability community as a whole and work in a good direction. We hope the court respects and secures the right of all persons with disabilities to participate in the trial".

The district court administration section officials who met with Mutsuko and the others deeply apologized for the trouble and promised to examine it. They didn't refer to the date for the written reply .

Mutsuko gave an interview to reporters that she felt satisfied. As for the problem that the district court did not clarify the reason for removing the Deaf person, she said it would be a serious human-right violation if they did so because of deafness".

The Association is scheduled to invite the district court staff to its meetings on the night, January 29. "We want them to hear the true opinion of the Deaf".

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