Local Lions Club donates electronic boards to Deaf school children

At the presentation ceremony
from the left: Wakayama Lions Club Chairman Kasamatsu, principal Kanagawa, Horiguchi, Nishioka, and Nishitani (photo: www.wakayamashimpo.co.jp)

The Wakayama Lions Club donated five electronic boards to the Wakayama Prefectural School for the Deaf on January 20.

Ryota Horiguchi (18), president of the Student Assembly, Yuichi Nishioka (17), vice president, and Youko Nishitani (17), secretary, attended the presentation ceremony with Kanagawa, principal.

After the letter of presentation was handed to Kanagawa, Ryota stated appreciation for the gift from the Lions Club in sign language on behalf of the students.

The club has continued the commemoration project on the 50th anniversary, donating six million yen in total to seven places including schools, welfare institutions, and sports groups, etc.

There has been an electric board in the elementary section. The new electric boards will be set up in the elementary school, the junior high school, and the high school each.

Principal Kanagawa said, "With the use of an electric board, it is easy for the Deaf children to understand because not only the textbook but also the image is used. The teachers can have composure as the time of the teaching material-making will be shortened".

After the presentation ceremony, a dogwood was planted commemorating the Club's effort in the schoolyard.

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