Lecture meeting: Hints of "Bringing up a child"

The Information and Culture Center for the Deaf, Inc. will hold a lecture meeting concerning the child care in Tokyo on February 28. The theme of this lecture meeting is twofold; "Bringing up a Deaf child" and "Bring up a Coda".

Morning session: 10:00-12:00
"Bringing up a Deaf child"
It is fun to bringing up a Deaf child in Japanese Sign Language (JSL).

Hearing members of the National Association of the Parents having the Deaf Children

A private school for the Deaf was established in Tokyo to educate the Deaf children in JSL. The JSL class started in a public school for the Deaf in Hokkaido. Such values have been diversified, and the environment that surrounds the deaf child has changed much now.

The lecturers, who enjoy bringing up their Deaf children, will talk about a new value of bringing up their child in JSL who is visually oriented.

Afternoon session: 13:30-15:30
"The Adolescent Coda: I want to talk more deeply with my parents"

Tomoko Shibuya, a docent of Saitama Prefectural University whose work focuses on Coda

When Deaf parents bring up their hearing child (coda), they are often worried how they communicate with the child, will the child is bullied for the reason that the parents are Deaf, etc.

Let us lighten the burden for a moment and discuss the environment where the coda grows up without any inhibitions together.

This session serves not only the Deaf parents who are currently bringing up their hearing child, but also the youth who will be parents some day, family members and interpreters, etc.

Japanese source:
DEAF-NEWS (subscription)

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