Lay judge system explained in signed DVD, developed by Deaf center in Hyogo Prefecture

Masanori Kada shows the signed DVDs
that explains the outline of the lay judge system

Hyogo Prefectural Center for the Deaf located in Kobe City, next to Osaka, developed DVD to explain the outline of the lay judge system in sign language in order to promote greater understanding in the Deaf community. Masanori Kada (44), the director who is Deaf, says, "We will be glad if Deaf persons see the DVD, willing to becoming the lay judge some day".

If the trial term, too difficult for the Deaf to understand, were signed, it will be much easier for the majority of Deaf people than texts, according to the center staff. So, the center requested cooperation from the Kobe district court when they developed the singed DVD, and completed 2 DVDs last summer.

The first DVD features that the judge in the Kobe district court answers the question by the Deaf lay judge in the sign language about the system through the interpreter. The images of court and meeting room used for the lay judge trial are also shown.

The second DVD focuses on the assumption that the Deaf were selected on the lay judge slate. They advance the procedure while consulting with the Center staff.

When the Deaf participate in the lay judge trial, it is pointed out that it may be difficult for them in the public trial for which proof with the recording tape is necessary, and that few interpreters are well equipped with the trial term , etc.

Kada says, "It is important that the Deaf understand clearly how the system works first of all though there are a lot of issues. Any Deaf person chosen as one of the lay judges is hopefully function well".

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