Interpreting not provided to Deaf lay judge candidate in district court

The Kochi District Court
that had failed the Deaf woman's request
for interpreting at court.

The Kochi District Court in Kochi Prefecture started the lay judge trial on January 19. It was found out that the court had not arranged interpreting for a Deaf woman. She was called to attend it as one of the lay judge candidates.

The district court had overlooked her request for the interpreter needed beforehand with the document.

The woman communicated with the court staff in writing, and as a result she was not elected to nine lay judges including replenishment.

When the woman went home, she handed a note to the staff. It was stated; "I did demand for interpreting beforehand, and you totally overlooked it. I am sorry I came to hate the court".

The court office found that they made a mistake and sent a letter of apology to her by fax.

According to the Office of Public Affairs of the Supreme Court, if Deaf lay judge candidates ask for the interpreting service, any district court must arrange it to meet their needs.

The Kochi Prefecture Association of the Deaf will shortly send a letter to the Kochi District Court to demand for accommodations so that the Deaf may participate in the system".

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