Hearing students learn Deaf experiences at school in Nagano Prefecture

The Deaf lecturer (right) teaches the hearing
students as a part of the welfare course.
(photo: inamai.com)

The Takato High School in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, has offered the welfare course to expand the knowledge and experience on welfare, including sign language besides study concerning nursing care for elderly people.

The first-year students in the welfare course met with two Deaf persons, who gave a speech respectively on January 18.

Takashi Sato, who is hard of hearing, said, "When you use sign language, the facial expression is as important as the hand movements. The use of facial expression helps your feelings be easily understood".

Sadayuki Shirotori, a born Deaf man, told the students about his experience. "In old times the Deaf people had been looked down with cold eyes in the whole town when to communicate in sign language. So we used to sign as long as people were not around us". The Deaf had experienced hardships because of the discrimination at that time.

In the class, the hearing students introduced themselves with sign language, and the lecturers gave them the quiz concerning sign language.

Sadayuki called to students at the end of the class, "Please learn a lot of sign language even though it might be difficult for you".

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