Hearing professional to teach Deaf how to make paper in Egypt

Paper making professional,
Sadako Ueda (left), at work.

Sadako Ueda, a Japanese paper making worker in Tokushima Prefecture, will visit Egypt and teach the paper making at a paper atelier for nine days from February 1.

The purpose of her visit is to support the local industry of the paper making. She will convey the technique of the Japanese style for the paper making.

Sadako has kept working on paper making for about 30 years, as a traditional craft expert recognized by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1994. She says, "I am glad if the Japanese traditional industry is useful in the country far from here".

She will work at the paper atelier managed by a social welfare agency for the Deaf in Cairo, a vocational school that trains about ten Deaf students.

If the paper making technique that uses a local agricultural waste such as the mulukhiya (molokheiya), the okra, and cotton were established, the agency hopefully gropes for employment in the manufacturing of the paper product such as souvenirs for sales in Egypt.

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