Deaf woman drafted by professional baseball team is the eldest player

Tomomi Yamamoto, a Deaf southpaw
for the Kyoto Astodreams team

A Deaf southpaw has had the strong zeal for baseball.

Tomomi Yamamoto (33), deaf since birth has lived baseball life more positively than anyone. She has played with the hearing aid. She started playing baseball when she was a fourth grader by the influence of her father, Shunji (59), a pro-baseball fan.

Tomomi participated in the woman professional baseball league (LPB) in Florida in 1998 after she graduated from the junior college. However, the league was dissolved in one month, and she came home in despair. She visited the U.S. again when she learned that the citizens league was founded in Boston, and she played for the league for two seasons in 1999 and 2001.

She joined the baseball club in Fukuoka, her hometown, in 2002, and played with the men in the preliminary game of the city championships. When Tomomi was hired by the delivery truck company in 2003, soft baseball became one of her hobbies.

However, the story of the new women professional baseball league (GPBL) to be established made her so restless that she quit the company and was drafted by the Kyoto Astodreams team.

Tomomi, the eldest player of the women baseball league, comments, "I want to show how wonderful the women baseball is". She will play for the fist time in 12 years this upcoming spring.

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Misha said...

Wow! That's so awesome! Congratulations, Tomomi! Wish her a lots of luck and much happiness in baseball life! I love playing baseball since I've been in this baseball family. Too bad Bobby Valentine couldn't manage Tomomi's team. *grins*