Deaf school children learn how to use emergency text message via cellular phone

The officer (right) explains to the Deaf students
about how to use the emergency text messages
through interpreting. (photo:

The crime prevention workshop was held at Yamanashi Prefectural School for the Deaf on January 14. About 20 junior high school and high school students participated.

Kusakabe, a police officer, explained that if they encounter a criminal scene or accident, they report what kind of trouble, the time when it happened and the place where you stand.

The students received a mock training of which they informed with the text message by using the cellular phone on the assumption of having encountered the damage of the hit and run on the way home.

The workshop was held to give the Deaf children a chance to know more about the emergency report system using the cellular phone. A traffic rule, etc. were taught to the kindergarten children and the elementary school children, too.

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