Deaf professional pitcher trains himself off season

Pitcher Yuya Ishii
whose activity is expected as relay
for coming season

Yuya Ishii (28), a Yokohama Bay Stars' pitcher, trained himself alone in the Yokohama Bay Stars Ground in Yokosuka City on January 19, sweating for about four hours by catching and the defense practice, etc.

He was appointed to the first stage of the last season and was not able to make the result, saying, "I want to contribute to victory as a relay next season".

The pressure that he has not ever been felt when he was to suppress the opposite team. And, he felt strongly this time. "If communications are not taken with the fielder, it is useless".

He did not understood how to deal with his own feeling against the heat though he took the plate of the final game.

The fielder runs up in the scene of the pinch and encourages the pitcher, which might save him from the predicament. "I really did not understand what they said to me, and also my message didn't get them, too".

Yuya has gone up to the professional world overcoming his own deafness. However, he had not requested the fielder's voice like this in a current mound.

It was not easy for him to get over with his uneasiness amplified to make it out of the falling vicious circle whenever the batter hit the ball. Yuya reflects, saying that it would be necessary for him to speak more.

However, the left leg was hurt at the camp last spring and a true slump was that the lower half of his body had not been so strengthened", which was a paramount cause, as he says.

Yuya has vowed to lift up the winning ball in front of the grave of the late father who recommended him to play baseball. Since father died last June, Yuya had made neither the win nor save.

"I want to report on a good result as soon as possible". Such a desire has supported him on the mound.

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