Deaf nightclub hostess found pregnant

Rie Saito, Deaf nightclub hostess
with her books (photo:

It was found out on January 28 that Rie Saito (25) has been pregnant for 6 months. She hit the peak to be the No.1 hostess in Ginza, Tokyo despite of deafness.

Rie, who is a single, told her close friends about the man who would be father, "We have already parted. I don't even plan to marry him". It reveals her resolution to raise the baby by herself.

The book on Rie's upbringing "The Hostess in Writing" which was published last spring, became one of the best-selling books with over 130,000 copies last year, and it was just made to the drama with the TBS broadcasting station on January 10.

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Oswald said...

Hi, I am deaf from Singapore. I googled on deaf climbers till I came across your blog post and am very curious to read the books but wonder if it comes in English version. Hopefully so!

Deaf Japan News said...

I will contact the publisher if they would like to translate any of the books into English, because the books surely have interested many people in Japan. See what will happen!!