Deaf gold medalist joins coming-of-age celebration at her hometown in Oita Prefecture

Saya Kurimoto (left) in kimono,
representing the new adult group,
receives adult bond
from Mayor Hirobumi Nagamatsu

The Coming of Age ceremony took place in the central public hall in Bungotakada City on January 5, 2010, first ever this year in Oita Prefecture in the southern island of Japan.

About 250 young people entered the manhood/womanhood. In best clothes, the hakama (traditional wear for boys), and kimono (traditional Japanese clothes), they, shouted with joy to reunion with their old classmates, and took pictures of themselves for commemoration.

The Coming of Age ceremony is held in the city on January 5 every year so that new adults may participate when they come home during the New Year holidays.

Saya Kurimoto (20), a gold medallist on the Karate at the last Deaflympic Games, received an adult bond on behalf of the new adults.

Mayor Hirobumi Nagamatsu appealed for the importance of the challenge and meeting someone when the job insecurity still continues. "The right way comes into view surely".

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