Deaf climber succeeds in reaching highest peak in South America

Yasuyuki Okubo at Cerro Aconcagua,
the highest peak in Argentina,
one of the Seven Summits
(photo: DEAF-NEWS)

Yasuyuki Okubo, a Deaf man from Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, has succeeded in reaching the top of the highest mountain peak called Cerro Aconcagua (6960m) in Argentina, South America at 15:43 on January 3, 2010 (3:43 on January 4 in Japan standard time).

He was the first Deaf person in the world to climb the fourth mountain summit among seven continent highest peaks.

The following is a comment from Yasuyuki.

"When reaching the top of the mountain, I was very full with the heart. I made it finally though the climbing mountain period was pretty long. I feel energetic now without any trouble like the altitude sickness, etc. I wish to express my gratitude to everybody who is rooting for me.

I am taking a break now, and meet with the local Deaf people in Argentina and Chile, and then return home on January 17 after the adventure travel is completed".

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