12th All Deaf Japan Theater Conference & Acting Seminar to be held in February in Tokyo

The event is held in a few years with the aim to upgrade the Deaf performance standard through the workshop on basic acting and to deepen fellowship among Deaf participants from across Japan.

February 6 (Saturday) - February 7 (Sunday), 2010
Theme: Film : acting and production
All Deaf Japan Theatre Conference and
the Japanese Theater of the Deaf
Place: Totto Cultural Center* in Tokyo

*Official website in English:

- To learn the basic knowledge of film-making, and learn how to direct with the use of scenario in one scene. Also discuss how to act based on one scene of the film.
- To take a shot with the camera to be reviewed by the participants and learn the relationship of stage performance and the film image.
- For the director class, to learn the base of the production and the composition, and give acting guidance to the actor.

- Lecturers (all Deaf)
Kentaro Hayase (movie director)
Tetsuya Izaki (acting leader of the Japan Theater of the Deaf company), and
Takashi Shouzaki (leader of a pantomime group, "Office Kaze")

Saturday, February 6
11:00 - 12:00
Meeting for performers and actors
Film workshop
15:00 - 18:00
Actor class: "Acting"
Director class: "Production"
19:00 Fellowship party

Sunday, February 7
Actor class: "Acting practice"
Director class: "Production practice"
11:00 - 13:00
Class presentations/closing ceremony

Japanese source:
DEAF-NEWS (subscription)

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