Santa from Finland meets Deaf preschool children in Kobe area

Children learn from Santa who teaches
Finnish sign language meaning "Merry Christmas".

A Christmas party was held at the Koshien junior college in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture on December 19. The children from the nearby Koshien Kindergarten and the Prefectural Kobato Special Support School for the Deaf were invited .

Father Christmas also visited from Finland as a "surprise guest", and the children were overjoyed.

This event was a part of the project that the Finland Father Christmas Society in Japan would introduce Santa to the municipality from which the largest number of cards or letters have been sent to Finland across the country. Nishinomiya City in the Kobe area was selected as the first place.

At the junior college, the shout of joy went up from about 100 children and parents who gathered when the Santa of the height about two meters with the pure-white beard appeared in the Christmas party sponsored by the college students.

After the students sang the song of "Jingle bell", etc. by sign language, Santa greeted in English, and showed Finnish sign language that meant "Merry Christmas".

The commemoration group picture was taken in the garden, and Santa handed the Christmas card and the sticker to each child.

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